Our unique Podcast Management System allows you to archive any media file from mp3's to video clips and create a podcast feed (RSS feed) for your subscribers to download. Designed to be user-friendly, completely flexible, and simple to use, PODKIVE employs a unique administration control panel to help you manage your website with a WYSIWYG editor: You don't need to have a high level of HTML knowledge to start offering your news, events, links and contacts in an easy environment. We use a standard RSS format that is iTunes® compliant and can be detected in Safari® (OS X Tiger®), and Firefox.

Feature Highlights

Subscriber Registration-NEW
Want to find out who your subscribers are? You can enable registration on your site to have your future subscribers access your podcasts.

Faster downloads
Our servers use premium bandwidth. So you'll have top speeds uploading and downloading no matter how old your podcasts are.

Powerful CSS Templates
Change the whole look and feel of the site using CSS and select premium designer templates to fit your look and feel or make your own.

White Label
Your brand should come first. Other hosting services feel the need to add their logo to your site. Why? You're the Star!

What is Podcasting?

Are you familiar with a link? Well the podcast feed works in the same Manner. The RSS feed is a simple language that has reference tags to your media files (Audio/Video) companied by a title and description. Well you use this feed (subscription link) in a podcast aggregator (ie. iTunes®, Juice, PlayPod ) then sync it to your media player (ipod®, flyboy, iriver® or creative®). Now you got radio/TV to go.